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Reflection 4 March 18, 2010

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Overall I believe our production went really well, we managed to complete everything on time with no rush, we didn’t have any problems in our group that stopped us from being able to complete the tasks set to us. I think that we worked well as a team and have gotten the best we could. However if i could redo this module I think I would have spent some more time with Jain and tried to get her to open up even more, so that our story would have been slightly more focused on her feelings, this is what we tried to focus the documentary around but we didn’t want to push Jain too far.

For the research I have managed to find several sites with a mixture of information on, this was all condensed down so that we could see what applied to us the most. I also found a few books in the library that helped me gather same research on the subject topic. I did struggle to find information about Brain injuries relating just to children, this is because most books and websites have focused on adult brain injury.

I belive that we worked well as a team, managed to set tasks between us and complete all the work that was set. We all took a different approach to the research to show that we could undertake research but mainly to make sure we weren’t wasting our time finding the same materials. Within the production part of this module, i feel that Ben could have helped more on the filming side and nasiso could have helped more with the editing, ben helped set up the cameras but he didn’t actually stay for the main part of the filming, and Nasiso was there for the editing but he never put any ideas forward or help out i any way. I think our only problem as a team was timings, for every meeting we always had one member either missing or late. We managed to keep in contact with each other really well, we texted if we needed urgent contact with each other, but our main source was a Facebook private message between the four of us, this helped us all just let each other know what we were doing towards the¬†project and what was happening at all times.

During this module we have overcome many problems, one of these problems was during the filming. As we were filming the cathedral were holding a lot of tours in which we were not informed about, so after we set up and started to film we found people just randomly wondering into the room, when we realised what was going on we found ourselves having to stop the filming so that the tours could go on, this wasted a lot of time that we just didn’t have.
We had some problems during the editing stage as well, the computers with Avid and Final cut pro on were all in use and booked out, this meant that we had to use the Macs upstairs and edit on Adobe Premier Pro, this worked out in our favour as all of our group knew how to use this software really well, however as we went to upload the footage we found the mac was capturing the webcam rather than our actual footage, we couldn’t figure out how to fix this so we had to go find a technician who also struggled slightly, once this was sorted our editing was smooth and easy.

Over this whole module I have found that I am better with time keeping and making sure people are all aware f what is going on than I realised, i also learned how to keep in contact with people and make sure people were meeting at right times, i managed to organise many meetings with Jain and the group to sort things out and to have general chats. I found that working to a deadline can be easy if you plan it all out properly, usually i struggle and have to rush things at the end, however with this production we completed it al on time without having to rush at the end.

Below are some pictures of some of the things I have mentioned above.

Above is a picture of the Facebook private message we had between al of us

Above is a screenshot of our draft edit of our documentary being on youtube.

Above is a picture of pinnacle, this is what we used to burn our project onto disk.


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