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Individual task March 18, 2010

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I have been set the task of finding some places where I can show my 3 minute documentary within the world, this includes local, national and international places.

1) Internet

I have found two places on the internet where I personally could show my 3 minute documentary, the first is youtube and the second is a site that you can upload your personal stories about accidents they have been in. YouTube is a good idea as you would get millions of hits and people all over the world can find it even without meaning to, however the other site; http://www.headway.org.uk would also be a good idea as people who may look on there may know people struggling and going through brain injuries and our story can help them understand that people can survive.

2) Broadcast

I can send the DVD into many different places, this all depends if I want it to be shown locally or internationally. If I sent a copy to th local television channels like BBC in Coventry then I would have a chance of the show being shown in Coventry, or if i sent the DVD to someone like Channel 4 then I have the chance of it being shown on Channel 4, this is because channel 4 tend to show short films and documentaries made by people who aren’t famous.

3) Festivals

I have found two film festivals that generally have 3 minute documentaries as a subject to enter for. The first is the Peterborough Film Festival, this is a festival for students to show their work, this is close to where I live back home and is easy to enter into. The other one is the Flatpack Festival, this one is situated in Birmingham and has many different topic headings, this year documentary is one of them, this means we could enter ourselves into this festival and have out film shown all over the midlands.

4) Screenings

There are also two possible choices here, the first obviously being Ellen Terry and the second being in the cinema. I thought of Ellen Terry as it is where we study and I thought it would be easy to set up a screening before one of the eastern asian films or before some classes. The cinemas sometimes show short films during the advertisements before the film actually starts, this would be a good way of showing people what we have made and what us student are capable of doing.


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