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Final Documentary March 18, 2010

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Above is our final documentary


Reflection 4

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Overall I believe our production went really well, we managed to complete everything on time with no rush, we didn’t have any problems in our group that stopped us from being able to complete the tasks set to us. I think that we worked well as a team and have gotten the best we could. However if i could redo this module I think I would have spent some more time with Jain and tried to get her to open up even more, so that our story would have been slightly more focused on her feelings, this is what we tried to focus the documentary around but we didn’t want to push Jain too far.

For the research I have managed to find several sites with a mixture of information on, this was all condensed down so that we could see what applied to us the most. I also found a few books in the library that helped me gather same research on the subject topic. I did struggle to find information about Brain injuries relating just to children, this is because most books and websites have focused on adult brain injury.

I belive that we worked well as a team, managed to set tasks between us and complete all the work that was set. We all took a different approach to the research to show that we could undertake research but mainly to make sure we weren’t wasting our time finding the same materials. Within the production part of this module, i feel that Ben could have helped more on the filming side and nasiso could have helped more with the editing, ben helped set up the cameras but he didn’t actually stay for the main part of the filming, and Nasiso was there for the editing but he never put any ideas forward or help out i any way. I think our only problem as a team was timings, for every meeting we always had one member either missing or late. We managed to keep in contact with each other really well, we texted if we needed urgent contact with each other, but our main source was a Facebook private message between the four of us, this helped us all just let each other know what we were doing towards the project and what was happening at all times.

During this module we have overcome many problems, one of these problems was during the filming. As we were filming the cathedral were holding a lot of tours in which we were not informed about, so after we set up and started to film we found people just randomly wondering into the room, when we realised what was going on we found ourselves having to stop the filming so that the tours could go on, this wasted a lot of time that we just didn’t have.
We had some problems during the editing stage as well, the computers with Avid and Final cut pro on were all in use and booked out, this meant that we had to use the Macs upstairs and edit on Adobe Premier Pro, this worked out in our favour as all of our group knew how to use this software really well, however as we went to upload the footage we found the mac was capturing the webcam rather than our actual footage, we couldn’t figure out how to fix this so we had to go find a technician who also struggled slightly, once this was sorted our editing was smooth and easy.

Over this whole module I have found that I am better with time keeping and making sure people are all aware f what is going on than I realised, i also learned how to keep in contact with people and make sure people were meeting at right times, i managed to organise many meetings with Jain and the group to sort things out and to have general chats. I found that working to a deadline can be easy if you plan it all out properly, usually i struggle and have to rush things at the end, however with this production we completed it al on time without having to rush at the end.

Below are some pictures of some of the things I have mentioned above.

Above is a picture of the Facebook private message we had between al of us

Above is a screenshot of our draft edit of our documentary being on youtube.

Above is a picture of pinnacle, this is what we used to burn our project onto disk.


Individual task

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I have been set the task of finding some places where I can show my 3 minute documentary within the world, this includes local, national and international places.

1) Internet

I have found two places on the internet where I personally could show my 3 minute documentary, the first is youtube and the second is a site that you can upload your personal stories about accidents they have been in. YouTube is a good idea as you would get millions of hits and people all over the world can find it even without meaning to, however the other site; http://www.headway.org.uk would also be a good idea as people who may look on there may know people struggling and going through brain injuries and our story can help them understand that people can survive.

2) Broadcast

I can send the DVD into many different places, this all depends if I want it to be shown locally or internationally. If I sent a copy to th local television channels like BBC in Coventry then I would have a chance of the show being shown in Coventry, or if i sent the DVD to someone like Channel 4 then I have the chance of it being shown on Channel 4, this is because channel 4 tend to show short films and documentaries made by people who aren’t famous.

3) Festivals

I have found two film festivals that generally have 3 minute documentaries as a subject to enter for. The first is the Peterborough Film Festival, this is a festival for students to show their work, this is close to where I live back home and is easy to enter into. The other one is the Flatpack Festival, this one is situated in Birmingham and has many different topic headings, this year documentary is one of them, this means we could enter ourselves into this festival and have out film shown all over the midlands.

4) Screenings

There are also two possible choices here, the first obviously being Ellen Terry and the second being in the cinema. I thought of Ellen Terry as it is where we study and I thought it would be easy to set up a screening before one of the eastern asian films or before some classes. The cinemas sometimes show short films during the advertisements before the film actually starts, this would be a good way of showing people what we have made and what us student are capable of doing.


Documentary Draft March 5, 2010

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We all went to a shoot and managed to get alot of footage, below is our draft our our documentary, it is just over 5 minutes long at the moment so we do realise that we need to cut it down some more, we also have photographs now to include within the documentary and some of the footage within the clip at might be a little irrelevant.


Reflection 3 – Research Production February 27, 2010

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I have found that we have made good progress since our last reflection, We all have collected some new research and blogged about what we have found. I have noticed that as the project develops the more we depend on each other, We always are encouraging each other and making sure that we are all okay.

We met up with Jain and started our filming, the whole team was at the shoot which was nice, Jain was very happy to just tell us her story in more detail and has provided us with some pictures which we can include within the documentary. We had a general chat with Jain explaining what we want to include in the documentary and also told her about the presentation, she seemed very interested in what we were doing and asked if she could come to see the presentation and film. Below is a screenshot of the email I sent to Ken on behalf of all of  the team asking if Jain would be able to come along.

During the production we found that the cathedral were holding a lot of tours and we had to keep stopping and starting, This became a problem as we only had a certain time limit on this day. We have enough footage to create our draft documentary which is good, and we are finding another day when we can go back and continue with the rest of our filming. While we were in the cathedral filming, Nasiso, Dave and I all took a go on the static camera as well as the moving one, while we were filming Ben had disappeared to take a phone call, and we decided it would be better to start without him so we got some footage.

Overall I think that the production is going well, however I feel that Nasiso could make more of an effort, as at the moment all he is doing s turning up and expecting us to tell him what to do.


Reflection 2 – Research Process February 25, 2010

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So far our group are working well together, we have managed to attend every meeting and shoot without anyone missing. We have split the research up between us, my part of research was to find some research on brain damage within children and the facilities that are available to them. I have got some information and am currently working on some more.

For our documentary we plan to focus on how Tom came around to being brain-damaged and what he went through through the net few years, we thought that this would be a good focus point as we would be able to show her emotions and how she felt as her son was going through operations and comas. We thought as we have such a strong story we could go into more details within the presentation and complete our presentation on a brighter note of what Tom has achieved and what he is doing with his life now.

I’m finding the group work evenly spread out and am finding that each of us are able to direct each other into doing what needs to be done, I find that the boys are always encouraging me with everything we do and that no one is trying to take over, I think this is good as we get the work done and there are no disruptions in us being able to complete the work on time.

We make sure that we have regular contact with each other as well as Jain, We all have Jains number and email address so that if any of us thinks of a question that may help with us finding more secondary research out then we can just give her a call or an email.

I believe that everything is going well right now, all the research is being found and the research we have can help us in many ways when creating questions for Jain’s interview and when we create the documentary. Below are a couple of pictures that we have found and thought gave us a little more information on what brain damage is like and where it has affected the brain.


Dave’s Research

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Dave has found out about brain damage from secondary research is that our subject, Tom would be inflicted with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). This is caused by a large impact to the head from a foreign object resulting in the brain being damaged either temporarily or permanently the other way of getting a brain injury after being born is non-traumatic brain injury which is caused by strokes or infections but this is obviously not the case with Tom.rom what I have found out about brain damage from secondary research is that our subject, Tom would be inflicted with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). This is caused by a large impact to the head from a foreign object resulting in the brain being damaged either temporarily or permanently the other way of getting a brain injury after being born is non-traumatic brain injury which is caused by strokes or infections but this is obviously not the case with Tom.

TBI is one of the main causes of death and disability, A large percentage of people who are admitted with TBI do not die straight away but in some cases there conditions can deteriorate due to a complex set of cellular processes that happen within the next few days and weeks dramatically increasing the damage done to the brain after the initial impact and this is the reason for most TBI deaths.If this is the case I believe it may be worth asking Jain if she knew about this and how she felt about it and about the first few days of Toms recovery.Treatment. It is important for patients to receive emergency treatment as soon as possible within the “golden hour” following the injury the main aim being to stabilise the patients preventing further injury as there isn’t much that can be done to reverse the initial damage done.

Then rehabilitation is the only real treatment that can be offered. Depending on the severity of the injury. Most TBIs do not cause permanent disability however some affects might mean they have slight social impairments, require assistance in areas such as physical abilities, employment, and financial managing however most are able to live independently and are able to return to jobs they may have had before the injury.From this I think it is a good idea to ask about how Toms rehabilitation had gone or if he had to go through any at all.As it is not uncommon for some people to suffer from other afflictions later on in life after they are inflicted with TBI we could ask if this has affected their life in any way.For more information on this subject check these.


As well as this Dave found a video that is all about brain damage this video has helped us think more carefully about what sort of questions we are going to ask Jain.